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January 3: CamSur, Naga Regional Conference on Character Formation

January 24: Reedley International School, Seminar on Character Formation

January 29: Immaculate Heart of Mary College, Paranaque

February 3: Mercedarian School, Parents Assembly Talk

February 5 to 11: Makiling West Wing Seminar for Professionals

February 9: MSMSI Parents' Assembly Talk, UP Los Banos

February 17: De La Salle Zobel, Parenting Talk

February 18: Northfield Family Day

February 21: Melters Steel Corporation, Talk for Professionals

February 22: Holy Angel University, Talk for Officers

February 22: CEFA Talk for Parents and Teachers

February 24: De La Salle Zobel Talk, Student Officers

March 1 to 3: Davao, Talk for Public School Teachers

March 4: CCFA Meeting

March 9: Bannister Academy, Parenting Session On Bullying

March 12 to 18: Retreat, Makiling Conference Center

March 21: Latin Fair in Bannister

April 7: DLSU Unicef for Archers, Talk for Student Leaders

April 8 to 9: CCFA Strategic Planning, Tagaytay

April 11 to 13: Cauayan, Isabela, Parenting Talk

April 14: Managing the Toxic Digital Environment, Northfield Antipolo

April 28: Urgency of Character Formation at Home, Posadas Village, Sucat

April 30: Woodrose ManCom

May 3, 4 & 11: CCFA Character Formation Seminar Series, UA&P

May 8: HAU Dep Ed Outreach Seminar for Public School Teachers

May 9: PAREF Woodrose

May 10: Accreditation Visit, Schools of Character, Reedley

May 14 to 18: Hua Siong College of Iloilo City

May 21: Malayan High School, Seminar for Teachers

May 25: St. Brigette, Talk for Teachers

May 28 to 30: College of the Holy Spirit, Tarlac City

June 1: PF Northfield Outing

June 4: ICA

June 6: Holy Angel University

June 7 & 8: Iloilo City

June 9: SCT

June 10: Baguio City

June 12: CCFA Meeting

June 14 & 15: Re-Run of Summer Seminars for Teachers

June 16 to 20: SEB Iloilo Seminar

June 19 to 22: Makiling West Wing, Retreat for Professionals

June 21 to July 12: Annual Seminar in Tagaytay Conference Center

July 2 & 9: Concordia College

July 13: PAREF Northfield School Seminar

July 14: Don Bosco Technical School Seminar for Teachers

July 15: CCFA Board Meeting

July 19 to 22: Group Heads Seminar, Makiling Conference Center

July 24: Bannister Academy

July 27: St. Joseph School and PAREF Westbridge School, CATALYST Conferences

July 27: Westbridge School, Talk for Parents in The Mansion, Iloilo

August 2 to August 12: US Summit on Character Formation

August 18: Concordia Non Teaching Personnel Talk

August 25: Davao, UIC Conference for Teachers

September 15: CFC Educational Foundation, Teachers' Conference

October 5 to 6: International Summit, Washington DC, USA


January 1 to 17: Makiling Conference Center

January 21: 4th & 5th Rs Conference, Ilagan, Isabela

January 28: 4th & 5th Rs Conference, San Pedro, Laguna

February 9 to 11: International Conferences with Dr. Michele Borba

February 17 to 19: PAREF Westbridge School, Iloilo City

March 1: International Conference of Global Peace Foundation, Marriott Hotel, Pasay City

March 14: Sedes Sapientiae Seminarians Seminar, Magalang, Pampanga

March 15: CATALYST of UA&P, LIVE Express Talk, UA&P

March 28: Holy Angel University, Work Ethics Talk

March 30: Olympic Village Talk for Officers, Shaw Head Office

April 5 to 7: Kabankalan, Negros Seminar

April 24 to 28: Mindanao Series of Seminars

May 4: Sex Education and Character, UA&P School of Education

May 9 to 10: Bacolod Seminar for Teachers

May 12 & 15: MSMSI Summer Training on Character Formation

May 16: Reedley Writers' Guild

May 20 to 30: US Trip

June 1: Rosehill Seminar on Character

June 1 to 7: Tagaytay Conference Center

June 14: St. Charles Academy, Pangasinan

June 21: Damon Owens International Conference

June 27 to 30: PAREF Northfield Student Leaders Conference in Iloilo

July 7: Meeting with AIMFam

July 10: Meeting with Reedley International

July 12: Meeting with CFC Educational Miinsitry

July 14: Holy Angel University Talk for LSL CEFA HAU

July 18 - 20: Iloilo with CATALYST

July 19: Session with Administrators in Iloilo, Sarabia Hotel

July 19: Westbridge PQF on "Raising Children with Respect, Rigor & Responsibility"

July 22: Educhild Antipolo, "Raising Kind and Caring Children"

July 28: "New Evangelization", Group Heads Seminar

July 27 to 30: Makiling Conference Center, Group Heads

August 19: BCBP Talk on "Urgency of Character Formation"

August 25: Northfield Student Leadership Seminar

August 26: PAREF Rosehill 11 Principles

August 31 to September 3: Cooperators, Seminar, West Wing

September 9: CFC on Character Formation

October 12 - 15: Character Formation in Olongapo City

October 17 to November 2: CEP International Conference, Washington D.C.

November 6: La Salle Greenhills, Educators' Conference

November 10 - 11: Character Formation in Davao

November 15: Philippine Association of Religious Treasurers, Tagaytay

November 16: Iloilo City Council

November 17 - 18: Davao Talk on Character

November 23: Holy Angel University

November 25: Childlink, Cebu City

November 28 to December 3: Dr. Borba in the Philippines, International Conferences

December 6 - 9: Iloilo Series

December 26 to January 17: Makiling Conference Center

Tom Lickona Institute for Asia

January 19 to 26: Deacon Harold in Manila Lecture Series

January 20: CATALYST LIVE Express Talk

January 21: Binalonan, Pangasinan

January 22: APSCU Assembly of School Administrators of Region 1

January 26: Holy Angel University

January 29: St. Edward School, Cavite

February 2: Silver Finance

February 4: Silver Finance

February 5: Cebu Vibal Administrators Conference

February 9: HAU

February 12: SFGC Work Ethics

February 16: HAU: Faculty (am) and Basic Ed Teachers (pm)

February 19: Binalonan, Pangasinan

February 20: Lantaka Leaders Talk

February 23: HAU

February 27: HAU

March 1 - 7: Hal Urban International Conferences in the Philippines

March 4: HAU Faculty (Dr. Grio)

March 11: HAU (Mr Salamat)

March 15: Bannister

March 16: Bannister Breakfast

March 18: Bannister Graduation

April 2: HAU

April 5: Samar Study Center: "How to Give Talks"

April 7: AUB Binondo "Urgency of Character Formation & Professionalism"

April 23: HAU

April 28: Binalonan

May 4 - 6: Cagayan de Oro

May 7 - 8: Theology of the Body

May 11: AUB

May 14 - 15: Theology of the Body

May 16: Katrina Zeno in UA&P: Chastity Conference

May 18: San Agustin Makati

May 19 - 20: PAREF Westbridge School, Iloilo City

May 23 & 25: CEP Seminars

May 26 - 29: Iloilo City

June 1 to 5: Northfield in Iloilo

June 7-8: Malasiqui Catholic School

June 11: Lyceum Cavite

June 19 - 30: University of San Diego, California, Character Development Conference

July 13 - PAREF Springdale, Cebu

July 16: ICTSI Seminar with Public School Teachers, CEP Phils Event

July 20: PAREF Southridge PQF on Parenting

July 23: Teachers Summit for Lickona Asia in Cebu

July 30 to August 7: Tom Lickona in the Philippines

August 9: La Salle Zobel on "Digital Citizenship"

August 13: EDUCHILD Talk on "Digital Generation", UA&P

August 17: Southridge New Teachers: Classroom Management

August 19: La Salle Zobel, "Parenting for Character" and "Educating the Digital Generation"

August 30: CATALYST General Assembly

September 1 to 4: Springdale Student Council in Manila

September 5: Northfield Classroom Management

September 15 - 16: Seminarians of Bicol, Naga

September 22: De La Salle Zobel, "Digital Citizenship"

September 23 - 24: Rosevale, Cagayan de Oro

September 30: Grace Park, Cagayan de Oro

October 1: Maynilad Study Center - Student Success

October 7: Tarlac Diocese

October 8: Batch 84 Alumni Get Together

October 10 - 24: International Summit on Character Formation

October 26 to 27: CEP ICTSI Seminar in Bauan, Batangas

November 3 to 6: Seminar for Cooperators, Makiling

November 11: Malasiqui Catholic School, Pangasinan

November 12 - 24: Deacon Harold in Manila

November 23: UA&P, Conference on Teaching Sex Education

November 25: Southridge PQF

November 28 to Dec 4: Seminar, West Wing

December 17 to 23: Retreat in Makiling Main

December 26 to January 17: Makiling Annual Course

January 20: Southridge PQF

February 1 to 12: Dr. Borba in Manila III

January 5: Northfield Get Together

January 10: Southridge Alumni Homecoming

January 27: CEP Seminar, "Building Moral Intelligence"

January 30: Pasig Public Schools Guidance Counselors Association

February 3: CEP Seminar, "Teaching for Impact"

February 6: CEP Seminar, "Building Moral Intelligence"

February 10: CEP Seminar, "Teaching for Impact"

February 20: CEP Seminar, "Teaching for Impact"

February 27: UA&P Conference on Moral Literacy

March 4: Morning Star Montessori School

March 5 to 11: Dr. Michele Borba in the Philippines Seminars

March 13: Reedley International School

March 13: St. Paul's Pasig

March 17: Department of Education Supervisor

March 17: Sea Oil Foundation

March 18: San Isidro Catholic School "Urgency of Character Formation"

March 19: Educhild Foundation

March 25: Bannister Graduation Breakfast

March 27: Bannister Academy Graduation

March 31: CEP Interview, Radio Veritas

April 7: St. Paul Pasig, CEP Leadership Seminar with 1,000 Students and Moderators

April 8: Bicol

April 12: St. Paul Pasig, PaulInk Writers' Conference

April 10: Davao

April 15: Holy Angel University

April 21: Holy Angel University

April 24: Holy Angel University

April 29: Holy Angel University

May 2: St. James Parish Church, Parents of First Communicants

May 6: Rizal High School

May 7 & 8: Clark Hospital

May 11: Miriam College, CEP Seminar

May 12/13: CEP Seminar

May 15: Holy Angel University

May 18: Mary Immaculate Montessori, CEP Seminar

May 19: Cebu, CITE

May 20: St. Scholastica's College, CEP Seminar

May 21: St. Matthew, Urgency of Character Formation

May 22: Sea Oil Foundation, Daet Project

May 24: Seminar of 50 Seminarians, Antipolo City

May 26, 28 & 29: Amici CEP Series

May 27: Pangasinan Project

June 1: Miriam College, Classroom Management

June 2: OB Montessori

June 3 & 4: St. Edward, Imus, Cavite

June 5: Makati, Professionalism for Technicians

June 8: SBC

June 9: Claret

June 11: Northfield, Class Advisory

June 15: Vibal, San Beda

June 17 to 19: Ann Arbor School

June 23: SPCP

July 4: Coaches, Sarangani Study Center

July 8: Holy Angel University

July 11: Cebu

July 16: Latin for Lawyers, Inquies, Banahaw Cultural Center

July 17: Holy Angel University

July 17: Southridge Parents Forum

July 23 to 24: Dumaguete Outreach, Year of the Poor

July 30 to August 2: Group Heads Seminar, Makiling Main House

July 31: Pangasinan

August 2: San Agustin, Eucharist and the Family

August 7: Vibal, Paco Catholic School

August 8/9: Retreat Facilitator in Tagaytay

August 9: San Agustin, Eucharist and the Family 2

August 15: La Salle Dasmarinas, Parenting for Character (CEP)

August 21 to 22: Northfield Leadership Seminar

August 27: Bullying, Amici Series, Greenhills (CEP)

August 28: Classroom Management, Amici Series, Greenhills (CEP)

August 28 to 31: International Conferences with Deacon Harold Burke

August 29: Maynilad Study Center, Student Leadership

September 1: Southridge School, Character for Students

September 4: CEP Seminar in Pasay

September 18: Transforming Power of Character Formation, UA&P (CEP)

September 21 to 27: Seminar for Professionals, Tagaytay Conference Center

September 26: Rosevale

October 2: Amici Series, Greenhills (CEP)

October 5 to 11: Seminar for Professionals, Tagaytay Conference Center

October 12 to 23: International Summit on Character Formation, Atlanta, USA

November 12 to 14: International Conferences with Dr. Michele Borba

November 26 to 29: Retreat for Professionals, Makiling Conference Center

November 27: Children at Risk Conference, UA&P (CEP)

December 10 to 13: Retreat for Professionals, Tagaytay City

December 17 to 23: Annual Retreat, Makiling Main House

December 26 to January 15: Annual Course, Makiling Conference Center

January 22: Pangasinan Outreach



March 26: Davao Regional CEP Conference, Ritz Hotel

April 1: Work Ethics, Melters Steel Company

April 2: Graduation Seminar, Bannister Academy

April 4: Tarlac Youth Leadership Seminar

April 21 to May 13: Annual Seminar, Makiling Conference Center

May 13: Classroom Management: Amici Training Center

May 14: Cutting-Edge Strategies Amici Training Center

May 15: Urgency of Character Formation, Mayer Company

May 16: Notre Dame Cotabato

May 17: Notre Dame Cotabato

May 19: St. Charles of Pangasinan (CEP Member)

May 20: FAITH Academy Batangas (C/O UA&P SED)

May 21: Classroom Management, Amici Training Center

May 22: Professionalism, Mayer Company

May 23: Bannister Academy (AM)

May 23: Morning Star Montessori School  (PM)

May 24: Rogationist College

June 17: Mayer's Steel Company, Productivity Seminar

June 18: 11 Principles Training Seminar, Amici Training Center

June 19: Seven Habits, Mayer Company

June 19 to 22: Group Heads Seminar, Makiling Conference Center

June 24: Mayer's Steel Company, Seven Habits Seminar

July 4: Institutional Member, PAREF Springdale School, Cebu City

July 5: CEP Seminar on Character Formation, Childlink Cebu City

July 12: UA&P School of Education

July 15: Pampanga

July 24/25: Melters, Pampanga

August 8: Preventing Bullying, San Isidro Catholic School

August 8: CEP Seminar on "Preventing Bullying Through Character Formation", Amici Training Center

August 19: CEP Seminar on "Preventing Bullying Through Character Formation", Amici

August 21: Community Service, San Pedro, Laguna

September 2: Southridge

September 4 - 6: Provincial

September 12: Provincial

September 16: Amici Teacher Training Series

September 19: Provincial

September 23: Amici Teacher Training Series

September 26: Amici Teacher Training Series

September 30: Amici Teacher Training Series

October 3: Leadership and Character, University of Makati

October 14: CEP in Amici, Empowering Students to Prevent Bullying

October 17: CEP in Amici, Classroom Management

October 21: CEP in Amici, Empowering Students to Prevent Bullying

October 24: CEP in Amici, Strategies for Successful Teaching

October 26 to November 6: International Summit on Character Education, Washington DC

November 13: Meeting with Rotary

November 15: I Serve to Change Conference of Student Leaders

November 18: San Mateo Principals and Educators Conference

November 21: Rotary International Educators Conference

November 26: University of Makati

November 28: Northfield Faculty

November 29: Northfield Parents

December 1: Southgate Institute, Malvar, Batangas

December 1 to 7: Seminar for Professionals, Makiling Conference Center

December 14 to 15: Tacloban Youth Conference to Prepare for Papal Visit

December 15 to 21: Retreat, Makiling Conference Center

January 10, 2015: Southridge Alumni and Pangasinan Commitment

February 27: Educators' Conference

March 7 to 9: CEP Director Dr. Michele Borba Conferences in the Philippines

May 2: St. James First Communion Seminar

in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Conference on Character and Creativity, with CEP President, Dr. Mark Hyatt

January 31: Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City with Ian Jukes "Teaching the Digital Generation"

February 1: Rose Memorial Auditorium, CPU, Iloilo City with Ian Jukes

February 2: SMX Convention Center with Ian Jukes

February 6 to 16: with Willy and Hermie Grant; San Beda Alumni Homecoming

February 16: "Conference on Moral Literacy", Dizon Auditorium, UA&P

March 6: CEP Presentation at the Institute for Solidarity in Asia

March 7: CEP Presentation for City Mayor of Balanga, Bataan

March 8: CEP Presentation to Vibal Publishing

March 27: CEP Presentation to ABP Foundation

April 1 to 8: Rome, Italy

April 6: Conference with InterMedia, Rome, Italy

April 13: "Conference on Moral Literacy", UA&P

April 23 to May 16: Makiling Conference Center Seminar

April 27: "Conference on Moral Literacy"

May 17: Teaching for Impact, Reedley International School

May 18: Meeting/Presentation with Archbishop Soc Villegas

May 20: Cutting-Edge Strategies, Bannister Academy

May 21 to 24: Crash Course on Latin for Teachers, Bannister Academy

May 27: Classroom Management, FEU-FERN

May 28: Cutting-Edge Strategies in Classroom Management, Statefields School of Cavite

May 29: Cutting-Edge Strategies in Classroom Management, St. Mary's Caloocan

May 30: La Salle Greenhills, Assessments, Rubrics and Standards

May 31: The Art of Questioning, Tagaytay

June 3 to 7: Latin Course, Bannister Academy

June 6: San Sebastian College, Motivational and Cutting-Edge Strategies Inside the Classroom

June 27 to 30: Group Heads Seminar in Makiling Conference, Calamba

June 29: ELP in UA&P

July 6, 13, 27: ELP in UA&P

July 19 and 20: SMX Convention Center with Hal Urban and Dr. Fred Jones "National Forum on Successful Teaching

August 1, 2 and 3: International Conference on the Study of Latin with Cristophe Rico, Director of Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities

August 3 and 10: ELP in UA&P

August 8-11: CEBU/Bohol ELP Visit to Jagna School

August 17: CATALYST Leadership Seminar with 1,000 Students in Iloilo

August 17: IVPD Seminar for Teachers in Iloilo: "Transforming Schools Through Character Education"

August 19 to 25: Seminar in Tagaytay Conference Center

September 5-6: Subic with Administrators, VIBAL-CEAP Event

September 7: P.I.C.C., Jason and Cristalina Evert: CATALYST's Real Love Revolution 2013

September 10: La Salle Green Hills, Integrating Character Education in the Curriculum

September 13: St. Paul Makati, "The Transforming Power of Character Formation"

September 20 to 21: Character Education Partnership Seminar with Dr. Russ Sojourner, CEP Washington D.C.

September 23: CEP 11 Principles Seminar/Workshop in UA&P

September 24: CITE in Cebu City, "Teaching for Impact: The Transforming Power of Character Education"

September 24: CITE in Cebu City, "WANTED: Catalyst for Positive Change", Assembly of Students

SEPTEMBER 25: National Launch of CEP Philippines in Waterfront, Cebu with Vibal Group of Companies

September 28: De La Salle University "Student Leadership: CATALYST"

October 1: Palanca Book Launching

October 3 to 6: Tagaytay Cooperators' Seminar

October 13: Character Education, Canossa School of Laguna

October 18 to November 4: National Forum on Character Education, Washington DC, USA

October 22: CEP Visit, Morning Star Montessori, Laguna

October 30: "Urgency of Character Formation at Home", Valle Verde 5


November 6: Moral Literacy Conference, UA&P

November 7: CEP Philippines Meeting: Foundation Partnership

November 30: CEP Teachers' Conference (Invitational)

December 5: Character and Creativity Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

December 6: Character Formation in the Family, DPWH Region 4A

December 7: Teachers as Agents of Formation, CEP Seminar,  iTower (beside UST), Manila

December 10 to 11: Teachers as Agents of Formation, CEP Seminar, Baguio City

December 16 to 22: Retreat in Tagaytay Conference Center

December 27: Iloilo, Westbridge Homecoming


April 7 to 17, 2014: Bannister Academy International Trips: Madrid and Paris

With Best-Selling Author, Ian Jukes

2012 Engagements

January 7: Southridge Alumni Homecoming

January 13: Sarabia Hotel, Iloilo, "Raising Extra-Ordinary Children in a Materialistic World"

January 14: Westbridge School, Iloilo City, "Cutting-Edge Strategies for Classroom Management"

February 4 & 5: "Understanding UbD", Catanduanes State College, Virac, Catanduanes

February 11: IVPD Iloilo City, "Cutting-Edge Strategies for Classroom Management"

February 18 & 19: Virac, Catanduanes

February 25: CATALYST Closed-Door Meeting

March 3: CATALYST Get-together with Fr. Cayo Estrada, Vice Chancellor

March 24: Graduation Speaker, St. Tomas More School of Cavite City

March 27: Graduation Speaker, St. Thomas More School (Grade 6) of Cavite City

March 28: Iloilo City

March 29: Graduation Speaker, Westbridge Grade School Graduation

March 30: Graduation Speaker, Westbridge High School Graduation

April 2: Iloilo City

April 5 & 6: Holy Week Out-of-Town

April 12: St. Paul College of Makati, "Making Sense of UbD"

April 16 to May 9: Makiling Conference Center, Annual Seminar

May 10 & 11: Salesian Schools, "UbD and Classroom Management", Calamba, Laguna

May 12 to 26: Seminar with Harry Wong in San Francisco, USA

May 29: "Classroom Management", St. Paul College of Makati

May 30: RCBC CATALYST Presentation with Ms Vivian Yuchengco

May 31: St. Thomas More, Cavite City

June 1, Bethany School, Las Pinas City

June 4 to 8, Springdale School, Cebu City: CATALYST Leadership Seminar

June 16: St. Paul Bulacan, UbD Conference

June 21 - 24: Group Heads Seminar, Tagaytay Conference

June 30: CATALYST Leadership Seminar in St. Paul's Makati

July 7: Journalism Seminar, UA&P

July 28: SMX Convention Center, Harry Wong in Manila: "How to be a Successful and Effective Teacher"

August 17: Iloilo City, Westbridge

August 23 to 26: Tagaytay Conference Center

September 1: World Trade Center, Youth Conference

September 8: "Dealing with Students: Teacher's Survival Guide", Ateneo de Manila

September 14 to 16: Iloilo City

September 24 to 30: Tagaytay Conference Center

October 6, Don Bosco Sta. Mesa, Leadership Conference

October 12 to 13: Iloilo City, On Communication and Effective Teaching

October 23 to 24: Paideia International Conference: Raising Life-Long Learners

October 29 to November 4: Washington D.C., International Summit of Character Education Leaders

November 11: Pats Lim Dinner in Shangri-La EDSA

November 17: Medical Mission, Pampanga

December 8: Medical Mission, UA&P

December 17: CATALYST L.I.V.E. in Don Bosco Sta. Mesa

December17 to 23: Makiling Conference Center

January 31: Educators' Conference in Cebu Waterfront

February 1: Educators' Conference in Rose Memorial Auditorium, CPU, Iloilo

February 2: Educators' Conference in SMX Convention Center

With Harry and Rosemary Wong, the most sought-after speakers on classroom management today.

2011 Engagements:

January 15, 2011: Letran Calamba, Vibal Macroseminar on UbD+ICT

January 18: St. Mary's Academy, Manila, "Differentiated Instruction"

January 22, Notre Dame School of Caloocan City, "Understanding UbD"

January 28, UST 400th Anniversary Celebration: Proud to be UST!!!

February 5, Vel Maris School, Dasmarinas, Cavite, UbD

February 12, Iloilo City

February 19, Southridge Alumni Homecoming

February 23, Southridge School: "Teaching Your Child to Pray"

February 26, "UbD Implementation" for 150 School Administrators, Mt. Malarayat

February 27, SMX Convention Center: CATALYST presents "Jason Evert in Manila"

March 3, Southridge School: "Inculcating Social Consciousness in Your Child"

March 17, Angeles, Pampanga: "Learning About the PAREF System"

March 24, Ateneo De Manila University, Speaker in "Principals' Conference"

March 26, St. Thomas More Annex Graduation Speaker

March 27, Naic Cavite School Graduation Speaker

March 28, St. Therese Graduation Speaker

March 29, St. Thomas More School Graduation Speaker

March 28 to April 20, Latag Study Camp, Lipa, Batangas City

April 26 to 27, UbD Seminar for Don Bosco Schools, Pansol (VIBAL)

April 29, Ateneo de Manila University, Principals' Training Seminar (Paseo Center)

May 2, UA&P EM Headstart English Program (a.m.)

May 3, Mary Help of Christians, Canlubang: UbD Workshop

May 4, De La Salle University, UbD for Filipino Department

May 4 to 11, Kuala Lumpur Teachers Conference

May 13 & 16, UA&P EM Headstart English Program (a.m.)

May 17, Dominican School, Manila: UbD for English and CL Teachers

May 18, UA&P EM Headstart English Program (a.m.)

May 19 to 20, Letran School, Intramuros: UbD Workshop for Teachers

May 23 & 25, UA&P EM Headstart English Program (a.m.)

May 26 & 27, Don Bosco Manila, Teacher Training

May 27 to June 1, Iloilo City: CATALYST Network

June 2, Don Bosco/Mary Help of Christians, Mabalacat, Pampanga

June 3, San Sebastian, Enhancing Specific Interests and Talents of Students & Planning and Organizing Club Activities

June 6, Lourdes School of QC: Effective Use of Instructional Materials

June 7, UA&P College of Arts & Sciences Faculty: Teaching Liberal Arts

June 9, UA&P College of Arts & Sciences Faculty: Classroom Management

June 14, UA&P First Year Teachers: Dealing with Students

June 16 to 19, Iloilo City

June 23 to 26, Makiling Conference Center Retreat

June 30 to July 3, Makiling Congerence Center Group Heads

July 9, Bethany School of Paranaque, "Forming the Conscience"

July 30, Sarangani Study Center: Writing Creatively, Correctly

August 17, Bannister Academy, Classroom Management

August 18, Immaculate Conception Academy, Vibal Publishing, Teaching Strategies

August 29 to September 2, Makiling Conference Center Seminar

September 3, Naga, Bicol, "Creative Technology Inside the Classroom"

September 10, SMX Convention Center, Classroom Management

September 16, Springdale School, Cebu City, "Understanding the Digital Kids"

September 17, Sugbu Study Center Leadership Talk, Cebu City

September 21, Youth Lens: Conference of High School Student Leaders, UA&P School of Education

September 26, Philippine Cultural Colleges, Manila, "Professional Ethics and Work Values"

October 6, Radio Veritas, Youth United for the Philippines, 6p.m.

October 15, Lipa Grace Academy, "Campus Journalism"

October 15, "There Be Dragons" Premiere, Mall of Asia

October 17, "There Be Dragons" Premiere, CATALYST Network

October 21 to 23, San Francisco, USA: Forum on Character Education

October 26 to November 6, ASCD Conference on Teaching Strategies, USA

November 9, Southridge School Faculty, "Creative Technology Inside the Classroom"

November 19, CENTEX, Harry Wong's "Classroom Management and Discipline"

November 26, Seminar/Workshop on UbD, Association of Private Schools of Bulacan

December 2, Citihomes High School, Binan, Laguna, "Dealing with Computer Addiction"

December 3, Ateneo PASEO Center, "Helping Beginning Teachers Succeed: Strategies for an Effective Induction Program"

December 4, Iloilo City

December 10, LIVE Program of CATALYST, UA&P

December 18 to 24, Retreat in Makiling Conference Center

December 28, Iloilo City, Westbridge Alumni Homecoming

January 13, 2012, Iloilo City

With Grant Wiggins, one of the authors of "Understanding by Design" during a UbD seminar in Las Vegas, NV, USA (October 2011).

Mann Rentoy is a lecturer and teacher from the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) in Pasig City. He is also concurrently an officer of Bannister Academy, a new school in Circulo Verde in Libis, Quezon City, where he teaches Latin. He is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) where he earned a double-degree in AB Journalism and AB Literature, and an MA in Creative Writing. He is currently working on his Ph.D. studies at the University of the Philippines (U.P.).

He is one of the few teachers with the distinct privilege of having been able to teach students from Grade 4 (Elementary) to IV Year College. In his more than 20 years of teaching experience, he has taught English, Literature, Filipino, Religion and Creative Writing.

He was the Founding Executive Director of PAREF Westbridge School in Iloilo City, which is currently one of the top schools in the whole Province. He was in the first batch of graduates of PAREF Southridge School, where he also taught for 15 years, occupying various posts including Principal of Intermediate School, Vice-Principal of High School, Department Head of Religion and Head of the Information Office.

As Moderator of Southridge School's official publication, The Ridge, he was responsible for winning 9 trophies from the prestigious Catholic Mass Media Awards, including the 1st ever "Hall of Fame Recognition" given to a campus paper in the country.

He is the Founding Moderator of the UA&P Creative Writers' Guild, and CATALYST, the only outreach organization of UA&P.

At present, he has been going to different cities all over the Philippines to give seminars to parents, teachers and students on various topics like: "Media Education", "Computer Addiction Among Teens", "Classroom Management", "Campus Leadership", "How to Do Effective Class Advisory", etc. (Click on the link above for complete listing of topics.) In addition, he can be considered as one of the experts in the country in the use of "Understanding By Design" (UBD) Framework, having attended training seminars and workshops conducted by Jay McTighe in Bangkok, Thailand (2005 & 2006) and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2007 & 2008); and with Wiggins Grant in Las Vegas (2011).

For details on how to invite Mann Rentoy to visit your school for a seminar/presentation, you may email: info@mannrentoy.com

2010 Speaking Engagements/Activities:

Please click here to see Mann Rentoy's Speaking Engagements in 2010


De La Salle University, Manila

Ateneo de Manila University

Miriam College

Childlink International School, Cebu City

San Beda College of Antiplo

Rosevale School, Cagayan de Oro

University of Makati

St. Paul's Pasig

Association of Public Schools of San Mateo, Rizal

Morning Star Montessori School, Laguna

Notre Dame of Cotabato-RVM School

Rogationist School Paranaque

San Isidro Catholic School

Philippine Cultural Colleges

Santa Isabel, Naga City

Lourdes School of Quezon City

San Sebastian College, Manila

Don Bosco Sta. Mesa

Don Bosco, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Mary Help of Christians, Manila

Assumption School, Iloilo City

Sacred Heart College, Tacloban City

University of San Carlos, Cebu City

Letran College of Calamba

Stella Maris, Cubao Quezon Citry

Columban School of Olongapo City

St. Thomas More Academy, Cavite City

Don Bosco School System

Dominican School, Sampaloc, Manila

Binan Citihomes High School, Laguna

Association of Private Schools of Bulacan

Catanduanes State Colleges

Southville International School, Paranaque

PAREF Southridge School

Elizabeth Seton School, Paranaque

Holy Rosary Academy, Iloilo City

Institute for Values and Professional Development (IVPD), Iloilo City

Hope Christian Academy, Sta. Cruz, Manila

Northfield School, Quezon City

Westbridge School, Iloilo City

Springdale, Cebu City

St. Scholastica's College, Bacolod City

Atheneum School, Cavite City

Miraculous Medal, Paranaque

Association of Private Schools of Muntinlupa City

Vibal Publishers Inc.

University of Asia and the Pacific

STI School System, Southern Metro Manila

Bethany Montessori School, Pilar Village, Paranaque

Ann Arbor Montessori School, Paranaque

San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila, Cainta

St. Paul Makati

Mary Help of Christians, Cebu

Mary Help of Christians, Calamba

St. Bridget School of Batangas City

St. Therese of Lisieux School of Cavite City

Notre Dame School of Caloocan City

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